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100 People: Voices from a City, a documentary film produced by the 100 People Foundation, introduces 100 People that statistically represent the nationalities of the world population.

After asking students around the world to introduce us to their community, we wanted to introduce the world to our community, the five boroughs of New York City, in celebration of its diversity. From a mother from Afghanistan to an artist from Puerto Rico to a couple from the Ukraine, you’ll hear people from 50 different countries share personal, provocative stories that offer insight into controversial subject matter and raise questions like, “What does it mean to be Muslim?” and “What are the effects of war on a family?” Throughout the film the subjects offer multi-national perspectives on the universal experiences of birth, education, marriage, family, religion, and death, helping us recognize what we share in common.

The result of 100 interviews is 100 People: New York City, a 100-minute documentary feature film, which we screened for the first time at a teachers' conference in San Francisco in February 2009. We are currently in the editing process, after which the film will be released to film festivals and made available to schools around the world. If you are interested in screening this film please contact us.

Beginning here in our community of New York City, we came to know the world simply by introducing ourselves to our neighbors. We want to introduce you to the people we met and how we discovered all that we share in common.