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Welcome to the team page of
International School Moshi (Tanzania, United Republic of)

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This is our Team
Our city: Arusha
Our longitude is: 3° 22'
Our latiude is: 36° 41'

We eat these foods: In Tanzania, the died of its many citizens is based upon many starches like cornmeal, beans, pilaf, and millet. The national dish is ugali, which is a stiff dough made of cornmeal usually served with sauce containing meat, fish, beans, or cooked vegetables.

We grow these foods: Maize, beans, pady, and sorghum are the major crops gown in Arusha.

We practice these religions: Tanzania is a country of many religions. Three main religions make up the country, which are Islam, Christianity, and then the last third are made of followers of indigenous religious groups.

We speak these languages: Tanzania has 126 different ethnic groups that speak there own language, but the most official language in Tanzania is Swahili. English used to be widely spoken because of the influence of British colonial rule, but less and less people are speaking it every day.

These animals live in our area: Many visitors come to Arusha every year to go on safaris and see the exotic animals that the area has to offer. Some animals in Arusha are giraffes, elephants, and water buffalo.

These industries support our local economy: Agriculture is the main industry that supports the economy of Arusha because there are large vegetable and flower producers. Arusha is one of he major citites for tourism!

We use these types of transportation: Transportation in Tanzania is mainly by road, with the majority of the roads being unpaved and just dirt.

These are our Nominees
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Michael Shirima
Resident:Arusha, Tanzania
Photographer:Imran Khanbhai
Michael Shirima was born in 1943 in Kilimanjaro Region, Usseri Rombu District. He is married with four children: 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Michael Shirima is a much respected member of the community known for his philanthropy as well as his successful business practices. He controls numerous businesses which he has started to build up over the years. He started off with a coffee importing business (Rombo Millers) where he gained enough capital to being the first privately own airline company call Precision Air with was founded in 1993. Since he was a child he had a dream to one day be able to fly planes. With a few good investments, he was soon running several businesses successfully. Today he likes to spend more of his time focusing on his latest project—a business that deals with borehole drilling where he says he is successful in finding water 95% of the time. This water is made available to the local community.

Aside from his various businesses Micael Shirima is a natural philanthropist. He is the founded of a child centre or orphanage located in Usser’s remote village of Leto. It is called Cornel Ngaleku Children Centre (CNCC). The centre takes care of disadvantaged children who have been denied the care of parents or other family members. The care center consists of many facilities e.g. houses for guests or volunteers, dormitories, a kitchen, classrooms, a dispensary, a garage and a community hall. He has always loved children and says that he used to visit many orphanages. he had an idea to guild an orphanage for a long time. When asked what induced him to start this orphanage he replied, “It always gives me more pleasure to give rather than receive”. His faith in God and a personal belief in his goals were his main strengths that also got him through a great financial crisis in recent years. He managed to bounce back from this crisis and his various businesses have gone from strength to strength.

I feel that Michael Shirima is highly respected in his community as he has a large number of friends and is a well loved member of the community. His humility and respect for the elderly and concern for less privileged people especially children has won him many admirers. he feels that people should not only contribute money as a means of charity but also show care for that personl and empathize their well being. Also he has led others in his community while starting the orphanage. In my opinion I feel that Michael Shirima is a great inspiration since he is a great man who has contributed and benefited his community.

For leisure Mr. Shirima enjoys playing golf and networking with his fellow peers. His dreams are just to be a good citizen and to be able to always contribute and share with others and the environment. I feel Mr. Michael Shirima embodies the great spirit and gentle nature of a decent human being. It was an honor to talk to him.

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