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St. Mary's Dominican High School (USA)

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Alan Elmer
Photographer:Amy Elmer
Alan Elmer is a forty-five year old male. He is a steadfast Roman Catholic, and his native language is English. He is better known as my dad. I decided to nominate my dad for the 100 People Project because of all of the great things he has done in his life, and for his willingness to help others before himself. His determination to look at the positive side of life and his generous heart are just a few more qualities that helped me to decide to nominate my dad. Through all of the rough times in his life, especially throughout and after Hurricane Katrina, my dad was determined to overcome the obstacles with a positive attitude. Although he lost his home and his business, he single-handedly, with the support from my family, put back our house and his business, Elmer's Fine Foods. He worked so hard to accomplish these goals, and to this day he is still working hard to bring everything back to normal. His efforts have helped to rebuild New Orleans and make it a better place, especially with his local business. My dad is a hero and should be commended for his great spirit, his love for others, and his generosity. He is truly a great man.

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