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Carolyn Jones
Carolyn has worked in a variety of film and video formats, but is perhaps best known for her socially proactive medium-format photographic portraiture. Whether for television, a book, or a documentary film, Carolyn hopes to bring to each a passion for inspiring people to understand one another and find their own way to address the critical issues of our time.

In her words: "I collect stories of individuals to help explain to others why we do the things we do. I find that we each have value as human beings and that we are infinitely interesting in our ways of dealing with one another. I've always wanted to celebrate the positive, tell the stories of the optimistic, show us for the best of who we can be. I prefer talking to regular people about life, not famous people, not privileged people, but just the people getting through the days with kindness. I find great richness there and I am endlessly fascinated by what we can learn from one another."

Carolyn has traversed the globe to interview and photograph individuals who offer insight into experiences such as living with AIDS, the pains of adolescence and motherhood, and the sacred art of caregiving. These journeys have resulted in a number of projects. Her most widely acclaimed work Living Proof: Courage in the Face of AIDS, documented Americans living with the disease. The book of portraiture was published by Abbeville Press and was accompanied by exhibitions in Tokyo, Berlin, the USA, and at the United Nations Worlds AIDS Conference. A documentary film inspired by the book screened as a part of MTV World AIDS Day broadcast.

She has created several projects with a focus on women and their role in our society. Womenshands, was a collaboration with Oxygen media which documented female artisans from around the world. Women of Enterprise, created in conjunction with Avon, celebrated the lives of remarkable businesswomen. A book of portraiture about mothers and daughters, The Family of Women: Voices across Generations was published by Abbeville Press in 1996. Every Girl Tells a Story: A Celebration of Girls Speaking their Minds, was created in collaboration with The Girl Scouts of America, and was released in Washington D.C. during Women's history month at the National Building Museum in 2002.

Most recently, Carolyn has served as the director of The American Nurse Project, which seeks to celebrate and recognize the critical role nurses play within the American healthcare system.

In 2012 she was honored as a subject in Paul Mobley's book Everyday Heroes: 50 American Changing the World One NonProfit at a Time.

She lives in New York City with her husband and daughter. To see Carolyn's work please visit www.carolynjones.com.


Lisa Frank
Lisa Frank has long been dedicated to finding and developing great stories. As Vice President of the Board and Director of Programs and Production for the 100 People Foundation, she travels the globe to meet students who have nominated their local heroes to the project and to tell their stories. Lisa is the producer of award-winning media both for 100 People and for a variety of corporate clients. Her most recent work includes The American Nurse Project: a book (The American Nurse) and website (www.americannurseproject.com) containing photographs and interviews of nurses across the country, as well as a feature-length documentary, currently in production.

Lisa spent the first part of her career as an actress and teaching artist in Chicago, Paris, London and New York. She gradually shifted her focus from the stage to the screen, founding a trans-Atlantic production company and producing both narrative shorts and a French-language documentary about France's 2007 presidential elections. She holds a B.S. in Theater from Northwestern University, and certificats des Beaux-Arts from L'Ecole Jacques Lecoq and L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, where she also taught movement, dance and acrobatics.


Isabel Sadurni
A filmmaker for over 15 years, Isabel Sadurni has written, shot, edited and produced several U.S.-based and international award winning documentaries and fictional films, including work with Martin Scorsese and Albert Maysles which have culminated in work forming her New York-based film production company Citizen Pictures. Her films have been screened internationally and are included in the collection of the Musee de l'Homme in Paris.

Isabel's perspectives on community were influenced by the progressive arts and political scene of San Francisco where she spent her childhood, especially multi-ethnic public health rallies she was exposed to via her mother's work as the Director of Public Health for the City and County of San Francisco. She developed her storytelling skills in theater and film interacting with filmmakers and playwrights such as Jon Korty, Sam Shepard and Tony Kushner. Members of her family are citizens of four countries, live on three continents have been a model to her of what global community can be.

She is currently in development for several film projects including a super-heroes mobile-health episodic set in 2030 and a Muslim- Hindu Romeo and Juliet love-story set in India. She works in French and Spanish as well as English. She is graduated from U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University.

She recently worked with Carolyn Jones and Lisa Frank as Editor for The American Nurse Project and is proud to be a part of the 100 People Foundation.

You can find out more about her work at www.isabelsadurni.com

Michael Christman
Over the last 20 years, Michael has been an entrepreneur at the helm of a series of businesses beginning with a restaurant, and including a gallery, catering company and event planning firm, all of which contributed to what is now the marketing and events agency, Opts. Michael was at the epicenter of San Francisco's digital economy from its inception in the 1980's, as his restaurant and gallery served the burgeoning design and marketing community of the city's SoMa district. Michael and Opts began to occupy a niche among the marketing services firms that helped to transform Silicon Valley's product-driven firms from start-up status into global market makers. Opts was well positioned to ride the Dot.Com wave, offering well rounded strategic consulting services, and serving new clients with the speed and agility required to support these emerging companies in every aspect of their meteoric growth.

Michael has brought this full range of experiences to bear in a nimble company that works primarily with Fortune 100 companies and start ups, offering strategic marketing services with an emphasis on live events. Michael is most engaged by learning about the challenges that Opts' clients face in their industries, and helping to provide targeted solutions that meet their business objectives.

Michael's current mantra "Life is Work, Work is Life" takes him globetrotting - laptop in hand - from Asia to the Caribbean, courtside to poolside, making sure he is never far from current projects.


Candace Thompson
Candace Thompson is a video maker and performing artist who lives in Brooklyn. Hailing from Eastern Kentucky but having lived in 8 states and 3 countries by the age of 20, Candace has always been fascinated by how culture, environment, and circumstance have a profound impact on an individual's perspective on the world. While her education was deeply rooted in the theatre tradition, Candace has spent the past decade branching into other forms of storytelling--most notably video and new media, but also music, dance and non-fiction writing.

As a video maker, Candace has created promotional projects for Hewlett Packard, Current.com, LadyGunn.com and Glitter Magazine. As an editor she has worked with directors such as Femi Agbayewa, Rudina Vojvoda, and Amy Ruhl. She produced, directed and edited a series of educational videos in collaboration with the North Carolina Board of Health, which premiered at the 2012 Weight of the Nation Conference in Washington DC. Her projects have carried her across the United States and, most recently, to Norway where she and her collaborative Other People were artists in residence for the spring of 2012.

A traveler with a strong interest in the female experience, Candace is currently developing a project, entitled "Why We Stay, Why We Go" which asks how we, as individuals, can retain the positive aspects of our cultural identities while simultaneously advancing beyond their social constraints to better participate as an educated global citizenry.