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Carolyn Jones
Founder, President and Creative Director

Carolyn Jones is dedicated to better understanding the world we live in. Through her photography, film and storytelling, she seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding and global citizenry. Her projects serve as an artistic bridge toward the discovery that we share more commonalities than differences between cultures and peoples. In building international alliances and raising awareness of local, national and regional issues around the world, she believes that we can share solutions toward building a better world. For more information about Carolyn visit her website or read a full bio here.

Lisa Frank
Vice President of the Board; Director of Programs and Production

Lisa Frank embraces the daily challenge of producing media that students find relatable, thought-provoking and transformative. She collaborates with Carolyn Jones to conceive of and implement projects and programs that broaden the organization's mission to explore issues of critical global concern. For a full bio on Lisa click here.

Isabel Sadurni
Co-Founder and Board Member

Isabel believes each of us is responsible for building the global community we want to live in and that what Marshall McLuhan said still holds true, "media is the message" and media is the most powerful communications channel to better our world. For a full bio of Isabel, click here.

Michael Christman
Co-Founder and Board Member

Michael Christman is the founding partner of the award-winning creative agency, Opts Ideas. Founded during the infancy of the early 80's tech boom, Opts Ideas has been instrumental in helping companies like Microsoft and Apple bring new products and ideas to market, and has evolved to become an industry leader in communicating content to live and virtual audiences worldwide. As co-founder of the 100 People Foundation, Michael wants to create a powerful yet simple way to understand the people with whom we share the planet, and where each of us fit in to the bigger picture. For a bio of Michael, click here.

Candace Thompson
Production Coordinator

Candace Thompson is very excited to be working in collaboration with the 100 People Foundation as Production Coordinator. A huge fan of our planet and its people, Candace sincerely hopes that our work will help future generations of leaders, scientists and tastemakers meet global challenges with equal parts wisdom, compassion, and innovative thinking. For a full bio on Candace, click here.