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The 100 People Project: An Introduction

An introduction to the concept behind the 100 People Project.

The 100 People Project: A Video Lesson Plan

Learn how to get your school involved with the 100 People Project

Solar Power in Space

Learn about the the solar panels used by the International Space Station and see what life was like while living on board.

The 100 People Project: Niger

Meet some of our nominees for the 100 People Project, introduced to us by students from the American International School of Niamey, Niger.

Global Issues: Health

Student scientist Matt McIntyre speaks with Gates Foundation Co-Chair Bill Gates about health care across the globe.

Forest Preservation in Argentina

Learn how two Argentinian students used innovative thinking to help preserve their local forests.

Global Issues: Economy

Student scientist Talia Greene speaks with Brian Arthur of the Santa Fe Institute about how critical our global economy is to our daily lives.

North Carolina meets Hiroshima

Meet some of Hiroshima, Japan's participating students, teachers, and nominees for the 100 People Project.

Making Organic Batteries in Malaysia

By studying the digestive process of cows, one student used sugarcane and local weeds to create a battery for use on his father's farm.

Solar Energy: An Introduction

Learn about our 100 People Under the Sun Project and meet people from around the world who are changing lives with solar energy.

A 100 People Art Exhibition

See how one high school art class used the 100 People Project as a way to host an art exhibition for their community.

Solar Powered Cell Phones in Malawi

Learn how villagers in Malawi are building their own portable solar chargers for use in hospitals, factories, homes, and businesses.

Global Issues: Energy

Student scientist Will Wright speaks with Mark Anderson and Stewart Brand about how we're going to meet our future energy needs.

Why recycle when you can Upcycle?

"Upcycling" is a way of reusing waste materials in other products, and is generally considered better for the environment than recycling. Learn how one company has made "upcycling" their business.

Solar ovens in Navajo Nation

Learn how one student created a homemade solar oven out of found materials from her community.

Frontline Health Workers in India

Learn how India is preventing the spread of polio by training community healthcare workers like Rekah, a woman from a small village outside of Delhi.

Students in India Meet their Neighbors

Meet students from the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India and learn who they've nominated for the 100 People Project.

Solar powered cities in Spain

Learn how the town of Jumilla, Spain has become entirely solar powered.

Frontline Health Workers: Appalachia

Learn how in-home nurse visits can help patients who aren't able to travel to a clinic.

100 People’s Nominees from Shekou, China

Meet some of our project nominees from the Shekou International School in China.

Solar Powered Classrooms in the Philippines

Learn how solar energy is helping students on a volcanic island in the Philippines stay bright.

Global Issues: War

Student scientist Marian Bechtel talked with Inventor Dean Kamen about how human innovation can help prevent war and promote peaceful understanding.

A Solar-Powered Race across the Outback

Learn how students in Australia built a solar powered "race car" and competed in the World Solar Challenge.

Global Issues: Food

Student scientist Tiffanie Stone speaks with agricultural experts Raoul Adamchak and Prabhu Pingali about ending food shortages.

The 100 People Project: Manila, Philippines

Hear how participating in the 100 People Project has opened the eyes and minds of students from the International School, Manila.

Global Issues: Shelter

Student scientist Frances Atkins speaks with human settlement expert Saskia Sassen about how to provide adequate shelter for everyone on earth.

SABIS Elementary’s 100 People Project

Meet some of our participating students, teachers, and nominees from New Orleans, Louisiana

Global Issues: Transportation

Student scientist Erika DeBenedictis speaks with technology experts Amory Lovins and Bill Joy about the challenges facing our increasingly mobile society.

Solar Powered Telemedicine in the Amazon

Learn how solar power helped to connect a remote Brazilian village with doctors that could diagnose and treat villagers over the internet.

Global Issues: Education

Student scientist Lindsey Saunders speaks with Historian David Christian and education expert Bror Saxberg about education as a basic human right.

A New Orleans Elementary School’s 100 People

Meet some of our participating students, teachers, and nominees from New Orleans, Louisiana

The 100 People of Wake County, North Carolina

Meet some of our nominees from Wake County, North Carolina.

Solar Sleuthing in San Francisco

Learn about a team of San Francisco students that hit the streets to find out where and how solar energy is being used in their community.

Global Issues: Waste

Student scientist John Boykin speaks with environmental experts Albina Ruiz and Stewart Brand about ways we can better manage our waste stream.

Solar communities in Colorado

Learn about Holiday- a Colorado community that is powered primarily by solar panels.

Global Issues: Water

Student scientist Brandon Li talks with sustainability experts Jeff Fulgham and Jin Zidell about our global water crisis.

Global Issues through the eyes of Student Scientists

A new generation of thinkers gets the chance to swap ideas with key innovators such as Dean Kamen, Bill Gates, Stewart Brand, and more!

Where Does Our Energy Come From?

Learn how one student is tracking his family’s energy consumption and learning about photovoltaic cells at school.

Where does innovative thinking come from?

Learn how students across the globe are creating innovative solutions to local challenges.