Photograph by Carolyn Jones
Nominated by the 100 People Foundation
Adam Browning
Occupation:Co-Founder and Executive Director, Vote Solar
Solar Contribution:Founded a non-profit advocacy group to bring solar into the mainstream

Adam Browning is a man with a mission. He saw an energy crisis looming in this country and around the globe, and he set out to fix it and move the U.S. closer to getting all of its energy from renewable sources. In 2001, Adam and his colleagues banded together in a grassroots effort to get solar panels on city buildings in San Francisco. They succeeded in passing a ballot initiative, with overwhelming support from San Francisco voters.

This historic victory led them to forming the non-profit organization called Vote Solar, which sets out to change government policy to make it less expensive and easier for more people and businesses to go solar. Their goal is to jumpstart a solar revolution and pave the way to a future in which we no longer rely on non-renewable resources for our energy needs.