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100 People Testimonials

Greg Holman, Teacher: Evergreen 6th Grade Academy, California

The 100 People project puts a face on the diversity we have on this planet. After watching the series of videos, my students are more aware more empathetic of other cultures. Much like the elementary student that says, 'milk comes from a cow,' most students think electricity comes from an outlet. The 100 People Under the Sun curriculum, along with the videos, makes it clear where energy comes from for students.

Caroline Cabildo, Teacher: American School of Puebla, Mexico

I think that especially in an international school these types of videos are helpful because we are open and always exposing our students to the global importance of education. Activities and projects that our community can be a part of or observe through the eyes of students teaching other students reach both sides directly. Also the video format is so engrained in the minds of the younger generation that the message is received and stays there longer than a written presentation. The visual impact of real life experiences and talking makes it all real.

Leigh MacRae, Teacher: International School of Moshi, Tanzania

My students were delighted and proud to see their work and nominees on the 100 People Project website! Pictures do say a thousand words, and it follows that such engaging visual materials such as the DVD created by 100 People spoke a million words to my students!

Rosie Mullaly, Parent: Australia

My children - boys aged 7 and 5 - were just asking each other questions about the world. Your statistics page was just perfect for their age and interest and it lead to some great conversation. We looked at all the people on your picture gallery and ended with a serious conversation about Saranj and his life in Chennai working at the age of 6 with little prospect of education. Whoever you guys are ... thanks from a Mum in Australia for the chance to take a tiny but very valuable teaching moment ... my little men had a 'got it' moment as we talked.

Jane Larsson, Director, International Partnerships, VIF

Carolyn Jones is first and foremost a powerful storyteller, using images and her subjects' words to create emotional connections with audiences. I saw this occur last year during screenings of her film with international school communities. Teachers and students alike sat transfixed throughout the film and left inspired to create their own stories about people in their communities. Later, hearing those students talk about connecting with people in their daily lives who they never really "saw" before was even more inspiring. They truly were transformed by this project.

Melissa Robertson, Teacher: American School of Madrid, Spain

We appreciate your work tremendously as it flows well with our mission to enrich worldviews and promote responsible global citizens.

Stacy Kirch, Teacher: Orange Coast College, California

My students enjoyed the [Power of the Sun] DVD, and it inspired discussion and ACTION. We discussed how we could make a difference both in our community and further our reach beyond our community.

Tiffany Yarman, Teacher: Lenoir County Public Schools, North Carolina

I had about 60 students view [the Power of the Sun DVD] on Earth Day. Most said they found it to be eye opening and were surprised by seeing the way others live. I teach in a very rural community and most do not get the opportunity to "see" life in other countries. Thank you for your wonderful project!

Tendai Gumbo, Teacher: International School of Moshi, Tanzania

I think [100 People Under the Sun] will have far reaching effects in this part of the world as we are also showing [the DVD] to individuals who are interested in alternative energy sources for the country.

David White, Photography Instructor: Jakarta International School

My students who were selected for the Gallery are thrilled. My new students have viewed the website and their classmates/friends entries are excited about their future submissions. On the first day of this New Year many of my new students excitedly asked if they were going to do the "World Portrait Project." I'm thrilled they also have the opportunity.

Linley, Friend of David White

We have all visited the (100 People) website in the family and I have emailed it on to some friends in various parts of the world to encourage them or their children to do a private collection of the people they know or meet in the countries they live in. OUTSTANDING PROJECT, and such an opportunity for people to learn more about each other, get to see how others really live, and to experience new things!

I think this has got to be one of the finest projects I have seen in all of my years, and we have 4 children and have traveled extensively and had our children in various schools! I hope you will continue this type of a project long after the international project is over.

It has brought many long discussions about in our home, percentages of the various people leading to math problems calculating how many Indonesians would make up the % of 100, etc.

Tim Boulton, High School Science Teacher: International School of Manila

I just had the pleasure of viewing the 8min video: 100 People Manila, Philippines. It's superb! Powerful! Absolutely perfect for our students! The video will make a huge impact on our kids: the contrasts between the average Filipino and our students are so evident in the film.